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A Better Way to Get Things Done.

Build a team of personal AI Agents. Empower them with Identities + Tools + Knowledge. Have them perform intelligent workflows so you can work less and live more.

Build Powerful No-Code Workflows
by Connecting Smart AI Agents to
Breaking News.

Bahama is the interface for AI. It connects powerful AI models to the data, tools, and services you already use in order to accomplish meaningful work. Through an intuitive, no-code interface, you can create intelligent workflows by chaining together multiple actions – run by AI agents – to accomplish specific goals.

How Bahama Gets Things Done

The things you can automate with Bahama are virtually limitless thanks to its modular, step-by-step framework. Easily chain together various tools and agents to accomplish specific tasks with consistent results.

'Flows' are the heart of Bahama. These are step-by-step AI automations that flow sequentially towards a final outcome, with each step building upon the previous to deliver consistent, repeatable outcomes every time.
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Automate Knowldge Work with AI

In the real world, we get things done through individuals with specialized skills (agents), who have access to apps like email and search (tools), and who are informed about our projects and goals (knowledge). Bahama is an AI platform built on the same model:

AI Agent


Define your dream team of AI assistants – researchers, sales agents, copywriters, designers, even managers to oversee the work of other agents. Research shows that this powerful "role-based" approach significantly improves performance over default LLMs/chatbots.

AI Tools


Connect your agents to the real-world tools, software, and services they need to perform meaningful work. Use Bahama's built-in library of search, news, and browsing features as well as a growing suite of integrations to third-party services you already use.

AI Automation


Create an internal knowledge base to give your AI agents the data they need to take informed action on your specific projects. Provide support docs to empower an AI customer service agent, a readme to support an AI code reviewer, or product specs to inform an AI sales agent.

Agents + Tools + Data = Done

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See Bahama in Action

With Bahama, you create AI Automations for knowledge-based tasks like research, financial analysis, content publishing, customer service, sales, and much more – in minutes, with no coding required. Here are just two of the millions of things you could automate with Bahama:


Research leads and draft custom sales emails at the push of a button.


Create a comprehensive, in-depth investment report for any stock.


Let’s say we have a spreadsheet of sales leads to contact. With Bahama, we can build a Flow to first research these companies and gather background info, then send them each a customized email – automated from start to finish with our team of AI agents.

AI Agent 1

Connect to Google Sheets and load the file with your contacts. Bahama can then loop over each row to perform the following steps for each contact…

AI Agent 2

Assign a research agent to visit each lead’s website to gather information and write a short report on what makes their business unique.

AI Agent 3

Pass the company research to your sales agent – including custom knowledge about your business – and task them with drafting an outreach email customized for this company.

AI Agent 4

✅ Done! Bahama will loop through these steps for each contact and push the messages directly to your gmail drafts – saving hours of manual research and copywriting.